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10 LED 5mm diffused red "WTN-5-3200r"

Ø5mm - top: diffused  – color: red - view angle: wide beam, also to the sides - luminous intensity: about 3.000 – 3.200mcd  - wave length: about 625nm
item number: 26000100

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These diffused LED’s with the common 5mm diameter offer extremely high brightness with evenly wide beam into every corner.
Diffused LEDs are particularly popular because of its extremely wide beam, and are therefore ideally suited for speedometer and background lights. There are endless application possibilities for these LED's from model cars, at home, in your car and much more, we are sure that you will find a place for it. Let your imagination inspire you.

Diffused LED’s contain tiny particles that break the light more evenly and can therefor illuminate a larger viewing angle.

We offer guaranteed top quality. Each LED bulb is up to the same specified brightness and color. You will not get any cheap diodes, but very top quality lighting.

- color: red
- view angle: wide beam, also to the sides
- luminous intensity: about 3.000 – 3.200mcd
- wave length: about 625nm
- voltage: 1,8V - max. 2,3V
- current: 20mA typical, 30mA max
- diameter: Ø5mm
- top: diffused
- all information according to manufacturer specification
- data sheet available

Your order includes:
- 10 diffused red 5mm LED’s
- per LED 2cm heat shrink
- per LED a resistor for connection (please select one type per package, either 6, 9, 12, 14, 16 or 24V)

To install LED's is easy. Please find a brief and clear description on our website (LED Q&A) on how to solder LED's. Bring a little "color" in your life, whether in tuning, modifying, in your house, home or garden, virtually any application is possible. Experience high quality LED's. Once installed, they shine forever and with minimal energy consumption.




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