LED lights
LED lighting - energy-saving and versatile Energy saving and strikingly beautiful – in terms of us no contradictions, but motto thanks to our wide range of LED light products for indoor and outdoor use.
LED light bulbs
LED light bulbs - large assortment with all common sockets Durable and classic – Thanks to E27 and E14 LED lights the conventional light bulb has been replaced, the familiar look remains.
LED floor light
floor lighting it serves as path marking or orientation light Space-saving and effective – installed and connected to 230V recessed ground luminaires utilize less space, are treadable or drive-over resistant.
LED fairy lights
LED fairy lights - for almost any design option Whether as a table decoration, as party lighting in the garden or as a decorative lighting in the winter time - fairy lights are suitable for almost any design option.
LED candles
LED candles - the clever solution in terms of safety and economy The clever solution in terms of safety and economy - LED candle sticks, pillar candles or tealights radiate warmth and well-being.
LED power supply
the perfectly matched power supply for LEDs Having power, being under tension - what matters is the correct montage and supply of LED light strips and LED stripes.
LED components
LED accessories for private and commercial use Functional and creative – our great product range offers just the right for each hobbyist to realise his ideas - from LEDs to laces up to switches.
Switch and socket systems
the perfect installers for every room Installation-friendly and convertible – thanks to variety and combination possibilties you will find the appropriate switch or socket for flush or surface mounting.
Motion detectors
the clever automatic switches in diverse variations Whether infrared or radar – secure and energy-saving! The clever automatic switches in diverse variations increase safety and reduce energy costs.
LED dimmer
LED dimmer - the small twist for more variety of light The small twist for more variety of light - thanks to a rotary or touch switch, dimmable LED bulbs quickly and easily become lighter or darker.
LED christmas lights
LED christmas lights - great variety of products to get you into the mood for Christmas Christmas light arches, Christmas house, snowman and Co. provide an enchanting sparkle of light in Advent and tune in on the Christmas.
Tools & accessories
reliable and versatile - the useful tools for all day applications Reliable and versatile – the useful tools for all day applications, model construction, soldering technology or handicrafts enable precise work and facilitate processes.
our Highlight LEDs:

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LEDs – the future of lighting

Design your work or living area using energy efficient and modern LED technology. Find here affordable lighting solutions to create fantastic light effects. Let us inspire you to be creative. The installation of energy-saving LED bulbs is becoming increasingly popular. Only the LED technology can be so flexible, individually and specifically to illuminate your private and business premises while you save energy costs. Use LED lighting systems in your workshop, in the office, in your living room, kitchen or in your bathroom. Illuminate your garden pond, pave the way with lights in your garden, along walls or even LED light effects in your party room. Anything is possible with LED technology. Immerse yourself in the world of LED’s and impress with simple, efficient solutions.

Why LED?

LED (Light Emitting Diode) is the next generation of lighting technology and is rapidly becoming the preferred lighting solution. It is much more efficient than other light sources, and has a remarkably improved durability. A few years ago it was used only in small areas such as flashlights or light strips, but nowadays you can find these small compact diodes anywhere. This unique method of generating light output provides LEDs with a variety of advantages including energy-efficiency, durability and safety.

So why wait any longer? Use this opportunity to change to LED technology.

Lighting solutions from professionals

At World Trading Net GmbH & Co. KG we distribute LED’s, LED systems and LED solutions since 2007 via our specialized LED online shop www.highlight-led.de with a range of over 10.000 articles, of which more than 95% are permanently in stock and ready to ship. Our courteous customer service representative will assist and advise you to find your personal solutions for your lighting needs. If you are looking for light installations that are both modern and innovative as well as practical and easy to handle, then simply call us and we will offer you a comprehensively and professionally individual concept and deliver the right products to your home. Ultramodern LED lighting solutions bring light into your household, your business and in your hobby workshop as well as garden. – Comfortably ordered online, offered from professional.

HIGHLIGHT LED your LED online shop

Whether romantic LED wax candles, light strips or light bars, LED light systems for cabinets, walls, glass shelves, waterproof LED designs for your bathroom, complete LED downlights for your kitchen, living room, hall way or workshop, LED controllers, transformers and other accessories; in our online shop we have the perfect LED solution for you. Browse through our changing selection or search specifically for particular products. More than 2 million satisfied customers appreciate our excellent price-performance ratio and our professional customer service. Benefit from our extensive range of light-emitting diodes, LED lights and matching accessories. Our trained, knowledgeable and service-oriented customer advisor will be happy to answer questions and help you to choose the optimal lighting system from our LED range.

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