Grave decorations

Memorial candles as signpost – The idea behind commemoration

Every year especially at the end of November on Remembrance Day, „Totensonntag“, All Saint‘s Day or All Soul’s Day the decendents are commemorated and grave decoration is set as a token of memory. Particularly in the cold and dark season memorial candles and grave lanterns increasingly replace flower arrangements as well as ground coverings and bouquets. These lights shall decorate the final resting place of beloved persons in an aesthetical and personalized way. Grave illumination, whether grave lights, grave lamps or grave lanterns, is suitable to decorate or to frame graves all-the-year. Lights, lanterns and candles not only serve as element of commemoration and decoration, but also  symbolically as signpost. The flickering candle light shall on the one hand lead the way into the beyond for the late’s soul and on the other hand build a bridge between both worlds.

Advantages of modern grave illumination

The classic grave candle increasingly is replaced by LED-grave lighting due to numerous advantages of LED-candles, -grave lights and –lanterns. For one thing, grave lamps with LED-technique are operated by batteries or solar panels, whereby they significantly exceed conventional candles in terms of life durability. Furthermore, solar panel operated grave lights do not cause any energy costs and daily recharge themselves.  If LED-luminaires additonally are equipped with timer function or a twilight sensor, its LEDs only light up in darkness and automatically switch off after a couple of hours. Therefore, life span increases as well as the candle’s, lantern’s or lamp’s burn time. The light of a LED candle or LED-lantern is hardly distinguishable from a real flame. Various LED-luminiares are equipped with flame effect and deceptively genuine imitate candlelight and flicker. 
In contrast to wax candles, no wax drips from LED-grave candles. Since there are neither wax residues nor soot deposits, grave decoration with LED-technique will not get dirty as quickly and thus is  easier to care. LED-grave lights are a convenient and long-lasting alternative to traditional grave lamps. What’s more, they are an expression of  loving commemoration and remembrance. 

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