Control transformers

Control transformers / laboratory power supplies are indispensable accessories in the electronics workshop for checking and testing consumers with AC voltage. They are very compact, have a high level of accuracy and a ground connection for stable and safe protection. Control transformers, also known as regulating transformers, can generate different output voltages from the same input voltage and are used for various applications in the private sector or in industry. They are not suitable for high voltages and therefore also allow demanding measurements with precise voltage control. Laboratory power supplies are available with an analog display or with an LED display for reading the values. A built-in current limiter makes the device short-circuit-proof, while an integrated fan ensures thermal safety.

Characteristics of control transformers

The control transformers for use in the household or in industry are connected to the mains with a mains plug and the operating frequency or three-phase frequency in Germany is 50Hz.

An alternating voltage (AC) of 120V, 240V or 480V is required for the input (primary nominal voltage) and is a fixed, unchangeable quantity.

The output voltage (secondary nominal voltage) can be set variably using a rotary switch and can also be higher than the input voltage, depending on the model. The direction of rotation of the switch determines the increase or decrease in the output voltage.


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