LED floor light

Recessed floor spotlights are inconspicuous small lights, that  can only prove effective by their arrangement. LED lighting installed into the floor creates indirect light and a pleasant atmosphere. Besides, floor lighting fulfills several other purposes: It serves as path marking or orientation light, optically separates or highlights different areas and turns plants or decorating elements into eye-catcher. Indoors or as exterior light in the garden, the courtyard, at the terrace or around the swimming pool recessed floor lamps accentuate with shadow and light and ensure secure pathways. LED floor lights are resistant to walk over. In addition, outdoor spot lights are waterproof and frequently resistant to drive-over as well. That means they are resilient up to 2000kg. And the best feature: Floor spotlights are very space-saving, because recessed in the ground they do not need any space in the room and do not become obstacles or stumbling blocks.

Operation of floor lights

Contrary to ceiling lights in living rooms LED floor or path lighting is infrequently operated by a switch. In many cases the low-glare floor light is activated by a motion detector. That is useful especially in driveways, terraces or at house entrances. Twilight sensors and timers are a convenient way as well to switch the floor lamps only for a particular time. A further very  comfortable operating variant is a remote control, that  switches the LED floor lighting via radio.


Installation and power supply

In order to achieve an effective illumination result, whether for interior or outdoor areas, a well thought-out plan must be prior. Good planning is neccessary to get  the desired effect and to  establish a proper power supply. Otherwise, it may happen, that afterwards the ground has to be torn open again and the wiring has to be placed anew. Should it ever happen and the ground could not be opened, there are  solar lights available, to be installed in the floor gound. These garden or path lights are running via solar panels. Normally, recessed floor lights in the outdoor area are powered by 230V underground cables. These cables have to be placed at least 60-80cm deep in the soil and be covered by a protective tube and an layer of sand. Cascadable floor spot lights can be connected in a row by only one cable harness. That simplifies the installation in the ground and less cables have to be placed.

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