Alternating current transformer

With an alternating current transformer, the 230V alternating current (AC) present at the input is converted into a 12V alternating current (AC) output. These are electronic voltage converters that are required to connect low-voltage halogen lamps. AC transformers can be dimmed in conjunction with a standard trailing edge dimmer, so that even sophisticated lighting concepts can be implemented. Electronic halogen transformers are not suitable for use with LED lamps, as LEDs require direct current (DC) for operation.

Special features of electronic halogen transformer

The halogen transformer / AC transformer converts the connected input voltage into an output AC voltage using electronic circuits. With the help of an electronic transformer, even small losses in the voltage and current level can be easily adjusted without losses, since the direction of the electric current changes periodically (e.g. at 50Hz --> 50 times per second).

An electronic halogen transformer is protected against overload and switches off as soon as an overload due to short circuit or overheating is detected. Only when the parameters are correct again will it be switched on again. Therefore, when installing in ceilings, ensure adequate ventilation so that the operating temperature is not exceeded. Sufficient dimensioning must also be ensured, for which the wattage of the connected lamps and a reactive power of at least 30% are used as a guideline.


Difference between AC and DC

The difference between alternating current (AC) and direct current (DC) lies in the direction of movement of the charge. While with DC the direction remains constant over a long period of time, with AC it changes periodically. Direct current is therefore used to transmit large amounts of electricity, as there are fewer losses here. For the consumer, these are converted into alternating current using converter stations. Since the periodically changing current can be dangerous for people, the applicable accident prevention regulations must be observed when working with alternating current in order to prevent an electric shock.

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