Thermometers are measuring instruments which record and display environmental data. They consist of a sensor, that captures information out of the environment, and a display, that shows the recorded data. Simple thermometers only measure the outside temperature or a liquid’s temperature. Besides there are also measuring devices like weather stations and hygrometers, that provide more than just the determination of the outside and inside temperature. These tools collect further data like air humidity, air pressure, wind velocity and many more. 

What happens to the collected data?

Frequently, the data acquisition’s purpose is merely controlling the values, that are clearly presented on a digital display. Often a further device is connected to the thermometer and as an example starts the heating system  as soon as the outer temperature falls below a certain value. Thermo-hygrometer or just hygrometer continuously maesure the air’s humidity and could be combined with a humidifier or a dehumidifier, which keeps the  room’s ambient humidity constant.

Which measuring instrument for what purpose?

Hobby meteorologists use weather stations for determination of environmental data and its change. So it is possible to identify sudden changes in the weather and to initiate necessary preparations.
Digital thermo-hygrometer help to control  air pressure and air humidity and, if necessary, help to regulate it. That creates a pleasant athmosphere in the home and prevents mould formation. 
In order to provide an ideal cooling climate for food, the fridge-freezer thermometer is an indispensable testing means. Reliably it shows, whether the fridge’s temperature is the optimum cooling temperature. 

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