LED emergency light

Given little attention in daily life, emergency lights became essentail to survive in case of emergency: they ensure safety and orientation during power outage, fire or other catastrophes. We need to distinguish between  exit signs with pictograms, that show the shortest way to exit and orienting lights, that provide minimum illumination in case of blackout.

The reliable duo for emergencies: Exit signs and safety lighting

The green and white emergency lights respectively escape sign luminaires shall allow the safe evacuation of the dangerous place  as well as they shall show rescue teams the right path to the deplayment location. Thanks to powerful LEDs and their installation in ceiling height emergency luminaires are highly visible even through dust clouds and in smoky corridors. For that reason they  reliably lead the way to escape. They should be mounted as high as possible, preferably  up at the ceiling or at door height on the wall. Fire door lights have to use internationally standardized signs and they have to be bright and great enough to be comprehensible and clearly visible over a long distance. Exit signs shall not in any way be hidden or covered by other light signals or direction signs.

Besides exit signs there have to be safety lightings as well. These lights have to be installed along the escape route and uniformly illuminate the exit path and ,if a power failure occurs, enlighten potential danger points like stairways. They guarantee an adequate lighting level, in order that  escape and rescue routes are safe to use. For this purpose the orienting lamps have tob e installed at least 2m above the floor. In case of voltage loss safety lights are running on battery mode and generate light for orientation for at least one hour. Alternatively some of our safety lamps you can connect to the power circuit and use them as permanent light. In any case all emergency lights, safety lights as well as exit signs, have to be regularly maintained and depending on the type of lamp every few months the battery has to be either unload or recharged.

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