Our suggestion  for the renovation of a hall using LED light

LED Licht-Panel tageslichtweiß 48 LEDs, 20x20cmflexibler SMD Streifen, pur-weißDecken-Einbau Bewegungsmelder 360°In the following example an attic has been completely redesigned and expanded. A special highlight was to include LED lighting, which turns on when entering the hall way. We used flexible LED panels, flexible LED strips as well as a motion detector.

The instructions are intended to serve merely as a guide. It does not matter which LED panels or LED strips you want to use. Just let your taste and creativity inspire you. Enjoy the high quality LED technology with its long lifespan. Please find our fantastic LED product range in our LED online shop.

For further questions, quotes, advice and support please contact us via email on info@highlight-led.de.

Wiring and structure

Depending on what degree your project is, you might have to start with the dry construction. Once you have put plasterboard on the desired walls, you can lay cables for your design of the corridor ceiling lighting. After this step has been completed successfully, you can start with the lowering of the ceiling.
Please ensure that there is enough space for air circulation.

For lowering the ceiling you require special ceiling hangers which allow the subsequent leveling. For this use a water level gauge, a spirit level or a laser level. Usually you do not need insulation.

Next step

If you have completed the substructure of the ceiling, you can now start with the paneling. Please ensure that you at this stage cut out the according gaps, where the LED panels and the motion detector come (please refer to the technical details). Through this hole the cables will be drawn. If there is already a backup for the fuse dissipation available, than the power supply must be ensured. At this point the cables can be fixed with adhesive tape. The ceiling panels are mounted with an overhang to the substructure as we would like to use LED strip as an indirect light feature.

Next step

After you have filled and primed the plasterboard, the transformers can be connected to 230V (ensure L and N are correct and the colors are not mixed up). In the first picture you can clearly see, how the pre-prepared ceiling should look like. If you now wall paper the ceiling, simply push the transformer through the gap (second picture). The cable, to which later the LED panel and the motion are connected, can be attached to the edge of the opening, to find them later easier.


To secure most panels and motion detectors a bracket clip system is provided. To install push the brackets together with the help of springs and insert it into the open gap. Pay particular attention to the correct alignment of the panels.
The flexible LED strip can now be easily attached to the desired location by using double sided tape (left picture). Only after complete assembly, the power can be switched on again. The result will be impressive. With the help of the motion detector the hall light will switch on automatically as soon as someone enters the room.

In our online shop we offer a wide range of LED panels in various sizes and colors as well as square and round. Furthermore find there different LED strips. You can also use instead of the LED strips LED rails - depending on what you like best.

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