DELPHI LED downlight COB | white | 110lm | 80x80mm

luminous flux: about 110lm, power consumption: about 1,5W, life span: about 30.000h, color rendering index CRI: >70
item number: 40040018
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The here offered LED downlight is a part of the electrical installation series "DELPHI" in white. This series proves that elegance and quality don’t need to be expensive, so enjoy the combination of functional and  practical technology in a beautiful design. All products here listed come complete with flush-mounted frames. They can also be easily used in the multiple-frame which we offer too.

- material: plastic, white
- light color: warm white
- luminous flux: about 110lm
- power: 1.5W
- lifespan: about 30.000 hours
- dimensions: 80x80x12mm (w-h-d)
- installation dimension: 50x50x35mm (w-h-d) - suitable for cavity sockets
- operation only with 230V/50Hz
- suitable for indoors, IP20
- elegant, scratch-resistant design
- easy to clean and maintain
- easy to install
- high quality finish
- not suitable for indirect lighting
- not dimmable
- connection via screw terminals (wire nuts)
- color rendering index CRI:> 70
- energy efficiency class: A +- the scale of energy efficiency class ranges from A (most efficient) to G (less efficient)
- energy consumption 2 kWh / 1000h
- all details according to manufacturer

Electrical installation series DELPHI white - extra and single components

Elektro-Installationsserie DELPHI Starter-Kit

 Item number: 40040011

 DELPHI starter-kit

Elektro-Installationsserie DELPHI Einbauleuchte COB-LED 110lm

  Item number: 40040018

 DELPHI downlight COB-LED; 110lm

Elektro-Installationsserie DELPHI Schutzkontakt-Steckdose

  Item number: 40040001

 DELPHI Schuko socket, white
 250V~/ 16A, incl. frame, under plaster

Elektro-Installationsserie DELPHI Wechsel-Schalter

  Item number: 40040002

 DELPHI switch, white
 250V~/ 10A,
incl. frame, under plaster

Elektro-Installationsserie DELPHI Kontroll-Schalter

  Item number: 40040003

 DELPHI control switch, white
 250V~/ 10A,
incl. frame, under plaster

Elektro-Installationsserie DELPHI 2-fach Serien-Schalter

  Item number: 40040004

 DELPHI 2 way switch, white
 250V~/ 10A, incl. frame, under plaster

Elektro-Installationsserie DELPHI Dimmer für elektronische Trafos

  Item number: 40040005

 DELPHI dimmer for electrical transformers
 250V~/ 300W, incl. frame, under plaster,

Elektro-Installationsserie DELPHI Bewegungsmelder

  Item number: 40040006

 DELPHI motion detector, white
 250V~/ 2A / 400W, 
incl. frame, under plaster

Elektro-Installationsserie DELPHI Antennendose TV+Radio+Sat

  Item number: 40040007

 DELPHI arial socket TV+Radio+Sat
incl. frame, under plaster, white

Elektro-Installationsserie DELPHI RJ45 Dose für ISDN & Cat.5

  Item number: 40040008

 DELPHI RJ45 socket for ISDN & Cat.5
incl. frame, under plaster, white

Elektro-Installationsserie DELPHI 2-fach Rahmen

  Item number: 40040009

 DELPHI double frame

Elektro-Installationsserie DELPHI 3-fach Rahmen

  Item number: 40040010

 DELPHI tripple frame

Elektro-Installationsserie DELPHI 2-fach Rahmen

  Item number: 40040012

 DELPHI 4x frame

Elektro-Installationsserie DELPHI Aufputz-Rahmen

  Item number: 40040013

 DELPHI surface mount frame

Elektro-Installationsserie DELPHI Jalousien-Steuerung

  Item number: 40040014

 DELPHI blinds control

Elektro-Installationsserie DELPHI Taster

  Item number: 40040015

 DELPHI push button

Elektro-Installationsserie DELPHI Steckdose mit Klemmanschluss

  Item number: 40040016

 DELPHI socket (terminal connection)

Elektro-Installationsserie DELPHI Wechsel-Schalter mit Klemmanschluss

  Item number: 40040017

 DELPHI switch (terminal connection)

Technical info

230V AC

Safety and important information
- connection or installation must be performed only by qualified staff
- please never exceed the maximum connected load
- no assembly near or even on combustible materials such as wood etc.
- no installation on or in the vicinity (50cm) of flammable materials (flash point> 200°C)
- the 230V components must be connected with at least 1.5 mm² cable
- please be aware of the VDE (German Commission for Electrical, Electronic & Information Technologies) and UVV (accident prevention regulations)
- turn off or disconnect from the main circuit before starting to work. Otherwise there is a danger to LIFE

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