Dimmable electronic transformer | trafo for halogen lamps

electronic halogen transformer, 230V to 12V AC, different power output, dimmable with trailing edge dimmer, protection class IP20
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technical details:
- electronic halogen transformer
- input voltage: 230V
- output voltage: approx. 12V AC
- NOT suitable for LEDs
- connection via luster terminals
- overload protection and temperature fuse
- dimmable with trailing edge dimmer
- plastic body
- protection class: IP20
- only suitable for dry rooms
- all details according to manufacturer

halogen transformer, 10-70W
- output current: max. 5.8A
- output power: 10-70W
- dimensions: approx. 111x34x20mm (l-w-h)

halogen transformer, 20-60W
- output current: max. 5A
- output power: 20-60W
- dimensions: approx. 105x31.5x21mm (l-w-h)

halogen transformer, 50-150W
- output current: max. 12.5A
- output power: 50-150W
- dimensions: approx. 159x44x29mm (l-w-h)

halogen transformer, 70-210W
- output current: max. 18.2A
- output power: 70-210W
- dimensions: approx. 175x46x33mm (l-w-h)

halogen transformer, 70-200W
- output current: max. 16.5A
- output power: 70-200W
- dimensions: approx. 217x48x40mm (l-w-h)

halogen transformer, 35-105W
- output current: max. 9A
- output power: 35-105W
- dimensions: approx. 85x31mm (Ø-h)

Your order includes:
- 1x electronic halogen transformer, 10-70W, 230V-12V AC or
- 1x electronic halogen transformer, 20-60W, 230V-12V AC or
- 1x electronic halogen transformer, 50-150W, 230V-12V AC or
- 1x electronic halogen transformer, 70-210W, 230V-12V AC or
- 1x electronic halogen transformer, 70-200W, 230V-12V AC or
- 1x electronic halogen transformer, 35-105W, 230V-12V AC

Installing electrical transformers should always be done by qualified specialists. The valid accident prevention regulations have to be observed. For avoiding an electric shock please cut off the electricity supply of the device before you start your work.

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