Installation of LED spotights

We have here extended our loft and transformed it to living area. To give it a modern feeling LED spotlights were used. They not only convince with the energy saving technology and long lifespan but also impress with their modern and decorative design. The following guide is intended to serve as a guideline. It does not matter whether you want to use round or square recessed spotlights. The installation is similar for all, the mounting holes may differ.

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Depending on what degree your project is, you might have to start with the dry construction. Please be aware, that you should insulate the appropriate outside walls/roof areas between the rafters. For lowering the ceiling you require special ceiling hangers which allow the subsequent leveling to be adjusted. For this use a water level gauge, a spirit level or a laser level. Usually you do not need insulation.

Next step

During the installation of the plasterboard we have laid the cables for the lighting at the same time. You need to ensure that you know, where the recessed spotlights will be placed. For the mounting space measurements please refer to the technical details, to ensure you cut the right size. For this you may use a holesaw. Through this hole the cables will be drawn. If there is already a backup for the fuse dissipation available, than the power supply must be ensured. Please use for the DC power connection of low-voltage spotlights with 12V a 3x 1.5mm² cable. The use of this cable will enable you to have the option to change to a higher voltage at a later stage (LED lights with 230V connection). For the moment you can fix the cables with adhesive tape to the mounting hole. In the left picture you can see clearly that the cables have been pulled in a loop through the opening (will be later separated).

Install transformers for 12V spotlights

After you have filled and primed the plasterboard, the transformers can be connected to 230V (ensure L and N are correct). Please ensure that the cable between the two transformers are of the same color (brown wire is the phase L and the blue wire zero N). It does not matter on the low voltage side (12V) what color the wire is used for positive and negative. Only be aware that the colors should not be mixed in order to allow a subsequent exchange with other lights. In the first picture you can see, how the pre-prepared ceiling should look like. If you now wall paper the ceiling, simply push the transformer through the gap (second picture). The cable, to which later the LED light is connected, can be attached to the edge of the opening, to find them later easier.

If you install 230V recessed spotlights (for example GU10 spotlights ) you do not require a transformer.

Connecting the spotlights

Once the ceiling has been finished with i.e. plastering, painting or wall papering, you can then connect the spotlights. Most lights have a simple plug in connection. The cable is connected through a terminal block to the power supply cable. In the first picture you can see how the connection must be made if a further light is connected to the circuit in series. In the second picture the desired spotlight is placed to the connecting cable. In the third picture the pre-assembled recessed spotlight is connected.

If you have a plug in light (i.e. MR16 light) with a socket (i.e. MR16 socket) installed, insert the bulb in the socket and then install the desired mounting frame nto the ceiling.

Secure spotlight into the ceiling

Most mounting frame and recessed spotlights can be fixed into the ceiling using mounting brackets. To install push the brackets together with the help of springs and insert them into the open gap. When using square frames, pay particular attention to the correct alignment of the spotlights. Only after complete assembly, the power can be switched on again.

We used for our project square LED recessed spotlights with 3W CREE HighPower LED's and aluminum frame. In our shop we offer various square or round recessed spotlights as well as complete MR11 and MR16 spotlight sets. This installation description can be used as a general guide line.


Create a modern and beautiful atmosphere in your home or at work using a combination of recessed spotlights and other LED lights.

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