EKONOMIK blank socket in white

The electrical installation range "EKONOMIK, white" impresses with its smooth rounded edges which blend harmoniously into any environment.
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The here offered blank socket in white is part of the electrical installation range "EKONOMIK". This series is distinguished by the soft rounded edges which blend harmoniously into any environment. The system is characterized by screw less contacts that will save you a lot of time during the installation of the elements. It can be mounted into a horizontal or vertical multiple-frame, which you can also purchase in our online shop.
This offer includes a single frame, flush mount.

- blank socket, to fill up an empty space
- color white
- suitable for dry interiors
- elegant, scratch-resistant design
- easy to clean and maintain
- easy to install
- high quality finish
- easily expandable

Your order includes:
- blank socket in white
- single frame, flush mount

Electrical installation set EKONOMIK, white - to extend as well as single components:

EKONOMIK Schuko-Steckdose, weiß, 250V~/16A, UPt

 Item number: 10009410

 Schuko wall socket, white
flush mount

EKONOMIK Wechsel-Schalter, weiß, 250V~/10A, UP

 Item number: 10009411

 Wall switch, 2 way, white
 250V~/10A, flush mount

EKONOMIK Doppel-Wechsel-Schalter, weiß, 250V~/10A

 Item number: 10009412

 Double switch, 2 way, white
 250V~/10A, flush mount

EKONOMIK Kreuz-Schalter, weiß, 250V~/10A, UP

 Item number: 10009413

 Switch intermediate, white
 250V~/10A, flush mount

EKONOMIK Kontroll-Schalter, weiß, 250V~/10A, UP

 Item number: 10009414

 Control switch, 1 way white
 250V~/10A, flush mount

EKONOMIK Jalousien-Taster, weiß, 250V~/10A, UP

 Item number: 10009415

 Push button shutters, white
 250V~/10A, flush mount

EKONOMIK Taster, weiß, 250V~/10A, UP

 Item number: 10009416

 EKONOMIK push button, 1 way, white
 250V~/10A, flush mount

EKONOMIK Antennen-Steckdose weiß, TV+Radio+Sat, UP

 Item number: 10009417

 Socket SAT-TV-R end line 3dB, white
 TV+Radio+Sat, flush mount

EKONOMIK 2-fach Chinch-Steckdose, weiß, UP

 Item number: 10009418

 Socket audio, 2x RCA
white, flush mount

EKONOMIK 2-fach Lautsprecher-Steckdose, weiß, UP

 Item number: 10009419

 Socket audio loudspeakers, white
 incl. frame, flush mount

EKONOMIK 1-fach RJ45 Netzwerkdose Cat.5e, weiß, UP

 Item number: 10009420

 Socket RJ45, Cat.5e, white
 incl. frame, flush mount

EKONOMIK 2-fach RJ45 Netzwerkdose Cat.5e, weiß, UP

 Item number: 10009421

 Double socket, 2x RJ45, Cat.5e, white
 incl. frame, flush mount

EKONOMIK Dimmer, weiß, 250V~/10A, UP, 20W - 400W

 Item number: 10009422

 Dimmer, white, 20-400W
flush mount

EKONOMIK Blende, weiß, UP, Blinddose, Abdeckung

 Item number: 10009423

 EKONOMIK blank, white
 filling an empty space 

EKONOMIK Aufputzrahmen, weiß, 1-fach

 Item number: 10009424

 Under surface mount box, white

EKONOMIK 2-fach UP-Rahmen horizontal, weiß

 Item number: 10009425

 Double frame, surround, white
 2x horizontal

EKONOMIK 2-fach UP-Rahmen vertikal, weiß

 Item number: 10009426

 Double frame, surround, white
 2x vertical

EKONOMIK 3-fach UP-Rahmen horizontal, weiß

 Item number: 10009427

 Triple frame, surround, white
 3x horizontal

EKONOMIK 3-fach UP-Rahmen vertikal, weiß

 Item number: 10009428

 Triple frame, surround, white
 3x vertical

EKONOMIK 4-fach UP-Rahmen horizontal, weiß

 Item number: 10009429

 4 times frame, surround, white
 4x horizontal

EKONOMIK 4-fach UP-Rahmen vertikal, weiß

 Item number: 10009430

 4 times frame, surround, white
 4x vertical



Technical info

230V AC

Safety instructions and important information
  • Connection or installation must be performed only by qualified staff.
  • Never exceed the maximum connected load.
  • No assembly near or even on combustible materials such as wood, etc.
  • The 230V components must be connected with at least 1.5 mm² cable.
  • Please be aware of the appropriate health and safety regulations within your country.
  • No installation on or in the vicinity (50cm) of flammable materials (flash point> 200 ° C).
  • Turn off or disconnect from the main circuit before starting to work. Otherwise there is a danger to LIFE.

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