KEMO voltage converter 24V to 13.8V max. 3A

KEMO voltage converter 24V = to about 13.8V = (for 12V devices), with max. 3A
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With this converter you can connect 12V DC devices to a 24V DC power source. Max 3A. Several units may be parallel connected if the power shall be increased, for example, 2 devices provide 6A. This voltage converter transforms the voltage of a 24V battery to 12V. The max. output current per device is 3A (35W). That's enough for a normal car radio or a small CB radio with under 5W output power.
You can operate LED products with 12V in your car or truck.

- input voltage: 24 - 26V =
- output voltage: 13.8 V = (equals full battery)
- load capacity: max. 3A
- short circuit protection and shock resistant
- aluminum cooling plate on the back
- dimensions: 86x60x32mm

To convert higher loads, you can connect several M038Ns parallel. The maximum power increases per unit at around 3A.

To connect 12 V = devices to a 24V DC power supply in your car, trucks, boat, caravans etc.

Special notes:
The module is connected according to the enclosed circuit diagram with the 24V power supply and the 12V device. Please place appropriate fuses in front. The module heats up depending on the load. It must therefore be installed in a well-ventilated area, where the heating of the module does not exceed 50°C and can’t have a negative impact on the environment. The module is electronically protected against short circuit, overload and overheating. If overheated it switches off and with adequate cooling restarts automatically. Please pay attention to the correct connection port as indicated in the circuit diagram drawing. If incorrectly connected, the module will be damaged.

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