LED-Stripe RGB complete set, 2/5/10m | waterproof, IP65

RGB complete set, light color: RGB, 30 SMD LEDs per meter, power: approx. 6,5W per meter, protection class IP44 (splash-proof)
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Technical details:
- supply voltage/ input voltage: 230V AC
- light color: RGB, including white light function
- color temperature: approx. 5500-6500K
- board color: white
- LED number per meter: 30x SMD LEDs
- power per meter: approx. 6.5W
- shortenable all 3 LEDs, cutting lines are marked
- backside with 2-sided adhesive tape for easy mounting
- dimensions controller: approx. 62x35x23mm (l-w-h)
- range remote control: approx. 10m (with free view to the receiver of the controller)
- current consumption of the controller below 100mA
- power supply remote control: 1x button cell CR2025 (included)
- remote control function (e.g.): ON/OFF, dimming function, 20 pre-programmed colors, white light button
- memory function - the last set program remains stored
- power supply with overload and short circuit protection
- protection class RGB controller/ power supply: IP20
- protection degree LED strip: IP44
- all details according to manufacturer

functions RGB Controller:
- per color channel with 2A loadable
- adjustable programs (static or changing colors, flashing or in transitions, brightness control...)
- On/Off switching
- strobe function
- proportional change of RGB colors
- fading and color changer with 3 or 7 colors
- storage of own colors (6x)
- manual speed control

LED-Strip RGB complete set, 1m, IP44
- dimensions: approx. 1000x10x3mm (l-w-h)
- dimensions power supply: approx. 76x29x40mm ((l-w-d, with power plug)
- length connection cable power supply: approx. 1.2m
- energy consumption 7kwh/1000h

LED-Strip RGB complete set, 2m, IP44
- dimensions: approx. 2000x10x3mm (l-w-h)
- dimensions power supply: approx. 74x50x36mm ((l-w-d, with power plug)
- length connection cable power supply: approx. 1.2m
- energy consumption 13kwh/1000h

LED-Strip RGB complete set, 5m, IP44
- dimensions: approx. 5000x10x3mm (l-w-h)
- dimensions power supply: approx. 92x50x36mm ((l-w-d, with power plug)
- length connection cable power supply: approx. 1.2m
- energy consumption 33kwh/1000h

Your order includes:
- 1x LED-Stripe RGB complete set, 30 LEDs, 1m, IP44 or
- 1x LED-Stripe RGB complete set, 60 LEDs, 2m, IP44 or
- 1x LED-Stripe RGB complete set, 150 LEDs, 5m, IP65

Stick the strips in cupboards, showcases, under shelves or hanging cabinets, over a workstation or as a window border. There are no limits to your imagination! Since you can cut the strip, it is also possible to use groups of 3 or 6 as you wish.

possible areas of application:
  • as showcase lighting
  • cabinet wall lighting
  • M&furniture underbench lighting
  • kitchen row lighting
  • in the house and garden
  • as lighting for the workbench or tool shed

  • These are only examples, your creativity has no limits set!

The LED strip can be shortened after every 3rd LED, but loses its IP44 protection class.

Simplest, easiest assembly:
  • at the ends of the strip is marked 12V+ (common for all colors) and 12V- (for each individual color)
  • solder a cable to the corresponding poles
  • Connect 12V DC voltage
  • the mega light strip shines gently
  • all 3 LEDs (10cm) you can also cut the strip and find your ideal length!
  • simply cut with scissors, solder the power connection and you are done
  • for help the possible cutting lines are marked

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