Marine / Bilge submersible Pump | delivery height max. 4m

marine submersible pump with shockproof and moisture-proof housing, different flow rate, connection cable with open cable ends
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technical details:
- type: marine / submersible / bilge pump
- material: hard plastic housing
- voltage: 12V DC
- delivery height: max. 4m
- length of connection cable: approx. 1.40m (open cable ends)
- all details according to the manufacturer

submersible pump 1000GPH
- current: 3A
- power: 45W / 5500rpm
- flow rate: max. 4200l/h
- outlet port: 1 1/8 inch (29.5 mm)
- dimensions: approx. 90x120mm (Ø-h)
- weight: approx. 0.8kg

submersible pump 2000GPH
- current: 8A
- power: 60W / 6000rpm
- flow rate: max. 8400l/h
- outlet port: 1 1/8 inch (29.5 mm)
- dimensions: approx. 120x150mm (Ø-h)
- weight: approx. 1.2kg

submersible pump 3000GPH
- current: 13A
- power: 95W / 8000Urpm
- flow rate: max. 12600l/h
- outlet port: 1 1/8 inch (29.5 mm)
- dimensions: approx. 130x180mm (Ø-h)
- weight: approx. 2.2kg

Your order includes:
- 1x marine/bilge submersible pump 1000GPH 12V DC 3A, up to 4,200l/h or
- 1x marine/bilge submersible pump 2000GPH 12V DC 8A, up to 8,400l/h or
- 1x marine/bilge submersible pump 3000GPH 12V DC 13A, up to 12,60

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