Module housing ABS | IP65 water-resistant | in 11 sizes

material: ABS housing, color: light gray, fastening possibility for installations, protection class: IP65
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technical details:
- material: ABS housing
- color: light gray
- sealing rubber and metal screws
- fastening possibility for installations
- protection class: IP65
- all details according to manufacturer

module housing ABS, 64x58x35mm
- external dimensions: approx. 64x58x35mm (l-w-h)
- dimensions interior: approx. 55x49x22mm (l-w-h)

module housing ABS, 83x58x33mm
- external dimensions: about 83x58x33mm (l-w-h)
- dimensions interior: approx. 64x39x22mm (l-w-h)

module housing ABS, 83x81x56mm
- external dimensions: about 83x81x56mm (l-w-h)
- dimensions interior: approx. 71x73x40mm (l-w-h)

module housing ABS, 100x68x50mm
- external dimensions: about 100x68x50mm (l-w-h)
- dimensions interior: approx. 76x44x35mm (l-w-h)

module housing ABS, 115x90x55mm
- external dimensions: about 115x90x55mm (l-w-h)
- dimensions interior: approx. 89x84x43mm (l-w-h)

module housing ABS, 120x120x90mm
- external dimensions: about 120x120x90mm (l-w-h)
- dimensions interior: approx. 114x114x60mm (l-w-h)

module housing ABS, 158x90x40mm
- external dimensions: about 158x90x40mm (l-w-h)
- dimensions interior: approx. 152x84x22mm (l-w-h)

module housing ABS, 160x45x55mm
- external dimensions: approx. 160x45x55mm (l-w-h)
- dimensions interior: approx. 142x40x40mm (l-w-h)

module housing ABS, 160x110x90mm
- external dimensions: approx. 160x110x90mm (l-w-h)
- dimensions interior: approx. 154x104x60mm (l-w-h)

module housing ABS, 160x160x90mm
- external dimensions: about 160x160x90mm (l-w-h)
- dimensions interior: approx. 145x145x60mm (l-w-h)

module housing ABS, 200x120x56mm
- external dimensions: about 200x120x56mm (l-w-h)
- dimensions interior: approx. 194x114x40mm (l-w-h)

Your order includes:
- 1x module housing ABS, 64x58x35mm, IP65 or
- 1x module housing ABS, 83x58x33mm, IP65 or
- 1x module housing ABS, 83x81x56mm, IP65 or
- 1x module housing ABS, 100x68x50mm, IP65 or
- 1x module housing ABS, 115x90x55mm, IP65 or
- 1x module housing ABS, 120x120x90mm, IP65 or
- 1x module housing ABS, 158x90x40 mm, IP65 or
- 1x module housing ABS, 160x45x55mm, IP65 or
- 1x module housing ABS, 160x110x90mm, IP65 or
- 1x module housing ABS 160x160x90mm, IP65 or
- 1x module housing ABS 200x120x56mm, IP65

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