Replace fluorescent tubes with LED tubes

Replace your traditional fluorescent light tubes with our energy saving LED tubes. The integrated LED technology gives a less tiring and more comfortable working light. Moreover the energy saving technology, the longer lifespan and the instant illumination are more reasons why you should replace the old fluorescent tubes with LED tube. Especially in companies, where often the light is kept on all day, the new LED tube technology will be of great advantage. The application area of the LED tubes is endless: in residential areas, in industrial halls, in offices or in underground garages. The following instruction is intended to serve as a guideline.

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What should you consider when replacing the conventional fluorescent tube with LED technology?

Basically there are 3 different types of conventional fluorescent tube:

- with conventional ballast and a starter (Replace the starter with the supplied LED starter bypass )
- with tandem circuit (2 tubes, 2 starters, 1 conventional ballast, Rewire and bypass the conventional ballast)
- modern, with electronic ballast, could also be with tandem circuit (Rewiring and disconnect the electronic ballast)

Below you will find a step by step guide on how to replace the conventional fluorescent tubes with an electronic ballast to energy saving LED tubes.

1. step

Abdeckung entfernenWe have used here a conventional fluorescent tube with tandem circuit (2 tubes, 2 starters, 1 electronic ballast). In order to get to the tubes you must remove the cover.

2. step

TandemschaltungStromzufuhr abschalten!The picture shows the tandem circuit, which is easy to spot. Before you start you must turn of the power supply. Switch the RCCB off.

3. step

herkömmliche Röhren wurden entferntLED Röhren werden eingesetztAfter removing the conventional fluorescent LED tubes, you can now insert the new LED tubes.

4. step

Abklemmen des elektronischen Vorschaltgerätesabklemmtes VorschaltgerätDisconnect the electrical ballast.

5. step

FunktionstestAfter you have successful replaced the tubes you may now switch the power back on to test if the light is working. Put the cover back on and the work is done. Enjoy the new LED light and start to save money on your energy bills

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